Sinusoidal vibration calculator

Use the online vibration
calculator to convert amplitudes of sinusoidal vibration between different unit systems, physical variables and overall amplitude values. It includes displacement, velocity and acceleration units most commonly encountered in mechanical vibration analysis: mil, µm, ips (in/s), mm/s, ft/s², m/s², g, peak (pk), peak to peak (pk-pk) or rms.

Frequency Hz
Displacement   mil rms µm rms   @ °
  mil pk µm pk
  mil pk-pk µm pk-pk
Velocity   ips rms mm/s rms   @ °
  ips pk mm/s pk
  ips pk-pk mm/s pk-pk
Acceleration g rms ft/s² rms m/s² rms   @ °
g pk ft/s² pk m/s² pk
g pk-pk ft/s² pk-pk m/s² pk-pk

(This is the older, non-java version of the calculator, for the newer java version, go to Vibration-calculator)


1. Set the vibration frequency (Hz or CPM, only one), press 'Enter'
2. Set the vibration amplitude (only one), press 'Enter'
3. Optionally, set the vibration angle (only one), press 'Enter'

Sinusoidal vibration calculator basics:


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